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I need to apologize for my original post on this subject. I am the OP and was not sufficiently detailed with my needs. Here is the original query:

>Suppose I wanted to transmit a stream of weather data to the pilot of a hot air >balloon. The balloon would be not be more than a 5 mile radius from the >transmission site and at an altitude of no more than 5000 feet. The balloon would >have receive-only capability. 
>What hardware would I need to send the data stream from my position to the >balloon. 

I did not want to imply that I wished to send data from one of the APRS compatible weather stations. The data stream would come from an instrument that measures wind speeds at verious heights in the atmosphere. I make such an instrument and am currently in the process in modernizing it. My market niche is the hot air balloon field. The data is calculated from tracking a small balloon with a theodolite and the system computes wind speed and direction at pre-determined intervals. I have been asked if it would be possible to devise a system to transmit this wind data to a flying balloon in near real-time. The data is available from the computer as a RS232 compatible data stream which could be formated in any way necessary to support the requirements for packet transmission. I would like to know what radio/TNC components I would need in order to provide this capability. I am currently thinking of using a smal thermal printer in the balloon to present the wind data to the pilot, but have not ruled out a PDA type solution. A laptop in the balloon is awkward at best and potentially dangerous. 

I haope this clarifies my question.

Any enlightenment will be appreciated.



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