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[aprssig] K7GPS/N1547C Aeronautical Mobile Itinerary?

Rahn whiskey7doa at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 03:21:32 UTC 2005

Ray McKnight wrote:

> The NWAPRS web page says the Delaney's will be travelling "with a 
> jaunt out to some of the islands" (from Florida).  Great for the 
> Delaney's, potentially disastrous for K7GPS!  I *hope* they aren't 
> visiting the Bahamas - unless he's applied for a reciprocal license 
> (can take up to 3 months).  Same for any other non-US destination, 
> whether they have a CEPT or IARP agreement or not (and the Bahamas 
> doesn't BTW).  Some countries specifically prohibit 3rd party traffic 
> as well.  It will be interesting to see what happens when the 
> operators of the radio don't match the licensee, and don't even have a 
> reciprocal.  Maybe they just plan to unplug it when they leave the US...??
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I was in contact with K7GPS about this topic. He assured me that 
everything he was doing was legal. He also assured me that he instructed 
both opcupants of the airplane on how to disconnect the device should 
the need arise. So, it's his problem, really, not ours. It has been 
mentioned here already that what he doing is completely legal, outside 
of that is really his problem. K7GPS is not a new person to ham radio so 
I am sure that he thought of all aspects of this venture well in advance 
of it happening. Whether that means they will disconnect the device when 
they enter foreign airspace or they have set up the licensing. Again, 
it's his problem not ours.
Just gives some folks on the list something to talk about.
I once heard a great man say
"Great minds discuss ideas,
Average minds discuss events,
Small minds discuss people."

Am I the only one who thought to contact Dave directly. His email 
address is on QRZ.com

Rahn Abbott

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