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[aprssig] D700 as a digi

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Oct 20 04:20:01 UTC 2005

>>> wa7nwp at jnos.org 10/19/05 8:56 PM >>>
>> 1) Because you dont need an alternative to WIDE1-1
>> since it always works and works well.  And can be
>> turned on or off from the front panel.
>Ok.  So the difference is the D700's set up to be 
>TEMPn-N have to be preconfigured from a PC just 
>as if they're being put in place as a full 
>WIDEn-N system.  It's totally separate from being 
>an WIDE1-1 fill in.


>For this to work, wouldn't the PC programmed TEMPn-N 
>have to be totally separate from the front panel set 

Again, I see no reason to ever have a TEMP1-1, when
TEMPn-N always does everything.

>A D700 would be full time TEMPn-N and user 
>enabled as WIDE1-1.

Yes.  Thats the picture.  We can leave TEMPn-N on in
ALL D700's all the time, because it is not normally
used.  But WIDE1-1 is only turned on when needed
because it is used frequencly by mobiles.

> 2) The idea is to have a TEMPn-N system ready to
> go at a moments notice by ANY D700 mobile that
> arrives on the scene and then to have packets
> via HIS digi go multiple hops out via other TEMPn-N
> digis when more than one hop is needed or the 
> rest of the network has died.
> 3) The advantage is that TEMPn-N will be ALWAYS 
> ON and always available, meaning you dont have 
> to have a lapotop to turn it on in an emergency

>To complete the chaos, how about a special ICON or 
>status comment that shows these permanent 
>TEMP systems...

Dont see the need.  All D700's should have it all the
time, and if they dont, you cant use it anyway.  So
Id' rather not add to the chaos...


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