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[aprssig] K7GPS/N1547C Aeronautical Mobile Itinerary?

Ray McKnight shortsheep at worldnet.att.net
Thu Oct 20 04:57:35 UTC 2005

Dave monitors this list but has chosen to not respond to posts.

Just because someone claims what they are doing is "legal" doesn't
automatically make it so.  That would sure make law enforcement a mute

And the last time I checked, the Amateur Radio Service was *supposed*
to be a "self policing" organization.  Meaning we look after ourselves and
solve most of our own problems before Big Brother needs to step in.  Isn't a
rational and intelligent discussion in a public forum, related to the
topical activity of APRS, just that?  Where are new Hams gathering their
experience nowadays?
Fewer Elmers, fewer on-the-air activities, more and more Internet and
play-radio-by-Internet stuff.  So THIS is an appropriate place for these
discussions, and just MAYBE someone might gain a new insight instead of just
being a sheep in the flock.

I'll never agree that trackers in the hands of unlicensed individuals,
without a control op to supervise, is legal.  I see absolutely NO difference
in energizing a transmitter by plugging it in through a cigarette lighter,
pushing a switch, or mashing a button on a microphone, it's ALL acting as
control operator, which UNLICENSED folk can't do ALONE!  What if the radio
weren't a 5watt HT, but a 2KW HF rig - is it still okay to let a non-Ham
turn it on?  Newsflash - THERE'S NO DIFFERENCE!  But you're entitled to your
interpretation, and me mine.

As I said before, any licensee can do whatever they feel like, it's their
Sorry, I guess I'll just take my 30 years experience and mind my own

Hopefully in a few years Ham Radio will go the way of CB and just issue
licenses on the honor system, in the box when you buy a new radio...

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> >
> > Am I the only one who thought to contact Dave directly. His email
> > address is on QRZ.com
> >
> Dave announced and explained this trip in detail, well in advance, on both
> the nwaprs mailing list and this one.
> I'm surprised that anyone was surprised!! It's all legal, and well thought
> out, but y'all go ahead and have fun with it.
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