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Well said.

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I'm watching every inch of the N1547C travels on both findu.com and
APRS. The tracker was not installed for the express use of the pilot's
family/friends. What a ridiculous assumption, as was the oversight of
not watching for a couple of minutes and seeing the status text which
properly included my call when using a non-ham tactical callsign for the
tracker. While I doubt the Delaney's will run out and get their ham
licenses, I've already heard from Tim that his nephew in California has
been watching too, is taking a ham class right now, and is sharing the
excitement of watching his Uncle and Aunt fly around the country. The
flight will be completed in early Nov, when the Delaney's return to
Santa Rosa (not Santa Clara), CA. Then they'll send the tracker back and
I'll get it ready for one of our local marathon's and continue using
tactical callsigns. It seems some people have issue with the tactical
callsign being the same as the N number of their airplane. I don't see
the issue here, and believe me, this tracker is operating well within
FCC part 97. I also have contact with Tim while he's flying, or on the
ground, via cell phone, so if the tracker suddenly locks up or goes
awry, I just give him a call. The cell phone is wired into his headset,
along with aircraft radio and XM satellite. I just talked with Tim
today, and it looks like they may have to detour some because of
Hurricane Wilma. In advance of their trip, I posted a message to both
the nwaprssig and aprssig mailing lists. I included all the data that is
also posted on the http://nwaprs.info/n1547cexpedition.htm web page. If
you still have a gripe about the tracker, then send it to me. My email
addresses are posted all over the place, or you can try k7gps at arrl.net
as I've reactivated that one again to see if the spam and porno offers
are finally gone, as ARRL has promised. I guess I'm more surprised at
the bitching going on rather than people watching some cutting edge use
of APRS that keeps things interesting here. When the fellow flew around
the country last year in his plane, the tracker loaned him used a ham
club call that had no connection to the pilot, and the pilot was not a
ham either. He turned the D7A and GPS on and off manually. My tracker in
N1547C is wired to the ignition. So I guess the issue is the use of a
tactical callsign, which is really a non-issue, because tactical
callsigns are used/have been used everywhere APRS can be found. Need I
ramble on further, or can we return this threads to more positive

Dave K7GPS

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