[aprssig] D700 as a digi

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Oct 20 08:13:32 CDT 2005

Yes, but the settings you set on the serial port
in Packet mode are stored in a separate memory
location than the APRS menu PM's.  AH!  Yes, 
that is it.  If you set a PM to packet mode
and program it with special settings, then yes,
that PM will remember those settings for PACKET
mode.  But If you are in APRS mode, then
it has its own settings.  Again, donno if the UITRACE
is retained...
and kept in a different location.   

>>> whiskey7doa at gmail.com 10/20/05 12:30 AM >>>
> >Does the PM feature on the D700 also cover
> >the digipeater field?
> I donno... good question...
> Bob
> I don't know for sure about the digipeater field and the path for it. But,
> I would suspect that it does as I know the regular path can be set in the PM
> feature. I have one PM set up to handle normal ground based APRS and one PM
> setup to handle APRS through the ISS. The paths are completely different, as
> you already know, and all I have to do is change PM's to get the path to the
> ISS.

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