[aprssig] N1547C tracker

James kb7tbt at gmail.com
Thu Oct 20 09:59:34 CDT 2005

No clarity needed, I understood.

This has been talked about many times before, the synapses is that a control 
operator must be in the vicinity of the transmitter. It is stated in the 

Lets take a parade or a the MS150 or some event, and a tracker is installed 
in a vehicle that is a non ham, is this legal?

Have most of us handed our non licensed wife, kids, friends and /or 
mistresses a HT when out in the field and run simplex, sure we have. Is this 

It is what is called the "Grey Area".

The issue here is not the grey area, the issue here is a non ham in control 
of a ham transmitter thousands of miles away, is a cell phone considered a 
control link?

Is it legal to have a non amateur device controlling a amateur device?

If I make a phone call to a buddy in NYC and he is not a ham, he gets on an 
IRLP freq. I control the IRLP from AZ or CA and call him, is this legal for 
him to use the system and radio?

Lets take the same scenario, I call him up and we get on 10, 20, 40, or 80m, 
I contact him, is this legal?

We all do "Grey Area" things, and the first person to deny it is full of it. 
My suggestion would have his call in the normal field instead of a tactile, 
this would have not made anyone question it, he is not hurting anyone, and 
it is being used in good spirit. As far as friends and family watching, well 
I think that's what it is all about weather it is a ham operator or not..

Do I support what he is doing, sure why not, would I have waived a flag 
about it, no way.


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> (edited for clarity)
> This raises a great discussion on putting trackers on
> vehicles of non-licensed persons.
> Is it legal to have a non- licensed person turn a TRANSMITTING
> amateur radio on and off and can a cel phone call function as a control
> link?
> Jeff
> KT2K

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