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Curt, WE7U archer at eskimo.com
Thu Oct 20 11:49:01 CDT 2005

On Thu, 20 Oct 2005, Tyler Allison wrote:

> >> Has anyone heard of something new and innovative being done with APRS?
> >>  Anyone deploying trackers in a way that really shows support for our
> >> service mission? Any war stories about "good things" being done by HAMs
> >> in the real world? That would be great stuff for the list.
> Would deploying APRS trackers for weather spotter coordination be an
> example? :)


We've been adding special SAR support to Xastir over the years.
Pre-defined SAR objects were added recently, and I received a new
patch from the same user that adds even more capability to that
(it'll go into CVS soon).  Garmin RINO support is another cool thing
that was added to help coordinate a combined FRS/APRS operation.
Before some of you get on the legal bandwagon again, check out how
it was done:  It is perfectly legal and lets you see the positions
of the RINO's on your Kenwood radios and APRS client map screens.

Perhaps as APRS gets more integrated into SAR operations around the
world people can post war-stories about how well or poorly various
techniques/hardware/software work for them.

Scott Miller is doing some cool stuff with OpenTrackers and APRS,
plus new hardware will eventually be coming out with more features.

John Hansen came out with the TNC-X plus some add-on boards for it
which are pretty darned cool for the money.  I have one of these
TNC's at home and will be going after another eventually:  I want
one attached to my Jeep PC.

I think I heard the HamHud (III?) project is moving along too, with
new boards available soon?

I'm sure I forgot some cool projects.  Plenty to choose from!

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