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> On Oct 20, 2005, at 10:59 AM, James wrote:
> But the rules also allow for automatically controlled 
> operation, which is exactly what a tracker is. You are trying 
> to apply the wrong section of the rules.

Re-read Part 97 about automatically controlled stations.  Please point out to me where a 1200 bps AFSK data transmission using FM on 144.39 which is not responding to an interrogation is allowed.

Part 97 is very specific about automatic control:

§97.109 Station control. 
(d) When a station is being automatically controlled, the control operator need 
not be at the control point. Only stations specifically designated elsewhere in 
this Part may be automatically controlled.

§97.201 Auxiliary station. 
(b) An auxiliary station may transmit only on the 1.25 m and shorter wavelength 
bands, except the 219-220 MHz, 222.000-222.150 MHz, 431-433 MHz and 435-438 MHz 
(d) An auxiliary station may be automatically controlled. 

§97.203 Beacon station. 
(d) A beacon may be automatically controlled while it is transmitting on the 
28.20-28.30 MHz, 50.06-50.08 MHz, 144.275-144.300 MHz, 222.05-222.06 MHz, or 
432.300-432.400 MHz segments, or on the 33 cm and shorter wavelength bands. 

§97.205 Repeater stations. 
(d) A repeater may be automatically controlled. 

§97.221 Automatically controlled digital station.
(a) This rule section does not apply to an auxiliary station, a beacon station, 
a repeater station, an earth station, a space station, or a space telecommand 
(b) A station may be automatically controlled while transmitting a RTTY or data 
emission on the 6 m or shorter wavelength bands, and on the 28.120-28.189 MHz, 
24.925-24.930 MHz, 21.090-21.100 MHz, 18.105-18.110 MHz, 14.0950-14.0995 MHz, 
14.1005-14.112 MHz, 10.140-10.150 MHz, 7.100-7.105 MHz, or 3.620-3.635 MHz 
(c) A station may be automatically controlled while transmitting a RTTY or data 
emission on any other frequency authorized for such emission types provided 
(1) The station is responding to interrogation by a station under local or 
remote control; and
(2) No transmission from the automatically controlled station occupies a 
bandwidth of more than 500 Hz.

I fail to see where a tracker being controlled (turned on and off is control) by a non-licensed person which is transmitting on 144.39 meets any of these conditions.  Maybe you can enlighten me.


Pete Loveall AE5PL
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