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Thu Oct 20 13:01:58 CDT 2005

The digipeater I have up has an additional control op that is licensed.
This is a secure site so I made sure that they have written permission to
access the site and that they know where the gear is when they get there.
So if I'm out of town or incapacitated for any reason my backup has complete
control.  We all monitor the traffic going through that digipeater just like
we monitor the local repeater to make sure it isn't being abused because we
are responsible for those transmissions.  

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   What do they do when they are on vacation or hospitalized? Do they shut
down the digipeaters. Or, do they make a call to have someone else drive out
to the site and uplug it? What if the weather conditions prohibited access
to the digipeater site? Without a contorl link they would have to wait until
they could access the digipeater site?

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IMO, it is not a control link.  A control link controls the transmitter not
a person that controls the transmitter.  The digipeaters I help out with are
all controlled by the license holder going out to the site and unplugging
the radio.  They don't have to call someone else to do it for them.
Eric KF4OTN 

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