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[aprssig] Lets Fix New-N now!

Ron Tonneson ronton at southslope.net
Thu Oct 20 20:12:50 UTC 2005

If they are using a TNC-2 type TNC they can have WIDEn-n support for about $5 using UIDIGI software.  If they need I can 
help with programmed PROMS.

Ron - K0QVF

keith allen wrote:
> Bob,
> 	One thing I've noted is that there is a lot less using the N-N down here
> than more.  Part of the problem stems from folks just getting into APRS who
> really don't have the money to put into newer TNC's and instead have to
> settle for older tnc's that only will support relay and/or wide....ie TNC's
> that only have myalias with no uidigi and definitely NO uitrace support.  I
> theorize that until you can readily purchase tnc's with full APRS support
> at HAMFESTS or otherwise for say...10-35 dollars, this situation will
> continue to exist.  It's not that some folks just refuse to change the
> system, it's that many have better things to do with their money...ie eat,
> put clothes on children's backs, etc.  In this area, there is maybe 10 stns
> showing when I bring up a 32 mile screen on DOSAPRS.  As a result, I find
> that most digis in that range do NOT support the n-n system and this tends
> to nullify the point of using the n-n.  However, to make sure my bases are
> covered in my mobile, I use relay,wide,wide1-1,wide2-2.  Any less and I
> make it to an Igate less than 50% of the time. Until the n-n system becomes
> the stabndard and not the exception, it makes no sense to change my paths. 
> I do agree with the xyl ref digi ops being rude.  After all, this is a
> HOBBY and not a mandate.  and I've always heard you get more flies with
> honey than vinegar.  But maybe that's just an old southern wives tale.   
> 73.
> F. Keith Allen,  AG4AC
> President, CCERC
> NM, St Clair ARES Nets
> My cellphone is a HAM Radio.You want to talk to me, GET A LICENSE!
>>[Original Message]
>>From: Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu>
>>To: <aprssig at lists.tapr.org>
>>Date: 10/18/2005 4:54:38 PM
>>Subject: [aprssig] Lets Fix New-N now!
>>Everyone in APRS:
>>I received this email (below) from the wife of a long 
>>distance APRS traveler, frustrated by those parts 
>>of the USA network that still have not moved over 
>>to the New-N full support of WIDEn-N.
>>Please lets get those digi parameters changed to 
>>fully support WIDEn-N under the New-N paradigm
>>so that it DOES work everywhere.   There are still
>>114 old "T" digis and 95 "R" digis and 12 "W" digis
>>that dont support WIDEn-N at all!
>>Look at the letter below, and look at your map for
>>these digis and lets get them fixed...  But be nice.
>>de Wb4APR
>>>Dear Sir,
>>>My husband... changed to the new format...
>>>instead of RELAY..., but since he'll be 
>>>on the road for 2 months... I'd let you know 
>>>how it is for ME with [this]... new format.
>>>When he uses RELAY..., he is harrassed by 
>>>numerous of your base unit operators... MOSTLY
>>>in the  DC corridor ... with antagonistic comments...
>>>which I personally think makes the senders look 
>>>rude and crude.  
>>>When he uses your new format, it's VERY 
>>>UPSETTING TO ME.  I use... findu.com to keep 
>>>track of where he is....  We had a truck driving 
>>>ham friend who died in his truck and wasn't found
>>>for 10 days. 
>>>Since using your new format, I HAVE NOT BEEN 
>>>ABLE TO TRACK HIM...about 75% to 80% of the 
>>>time.  Without RELAY..., he's NOT ID'd in MOST 
>>>localities outside the DC corridor...
>>>it's NOT the truck drivers who are keeping your 
>>>new format from working... it's the land based 
>>>systems all over the US that are NOT USING IT.  
>>>Please tell your local stations they aren't helping 
>>>get cooperation by sending nasty, negative, 
>>>antagonistic comments to the mobiles passing 
>>>through their areas.  They are abrupt to the point 
>>>of rudeness and that's NOT the way to get drivers 
>>>to cooperate.  
>>>My husband is going to put RELAY BACK in his ...
>>>[path]... cause I need to know where he is as much 
>>>as possible... since  using the new format, it's NOT ...
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