[aprssig] Lets Fix New-N now!

scott at opentrac.org scott at opentrac.org
Thu Oct 20 15:20:29 CDT 2005

> If they are using a TNC-2 type TNC they can have WIDEn-n 
> support for about $5 using UIDIGI software.  If they need I 
> can help with programmed PROMS.

I was burning these for people too, until I ran out of EPROMs scavenged from
old motherboards.  If there's sufficient interest, I could probably just add
it as an item on my web store and start stocking some chips.  One-time
programmable chips might be easiest - they're cheap and if you're having
someone else do the programming chances are you're not going to be
reprogramming them yourself, and it's hardly worth shipping them back to be
erased and reprogrammed.

If only 5 people a year are going to want them, though, I don't think
there'd be much point...


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