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Ron McCoy rmccoylist at blueantservices.com
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This is another great example of people having too much fun arguing to pay
attention to the facts. The very first post, and the web page about this
flight, explain that "Power is via a cigarette lighter plug."

I think it would be simpler and less inconvenient to pilot and passengers to
pull a cigarette lighter plug out of the panel rather than throwing the main
switch, don't you?

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> > Ah, so now Con-Ed, BG&E and Virginia Power are licensed?
> > They turn my ham station on and off all the time...  I better
> > go check their license and be sure they are authorized to do
> > this.. this is scarry...;-) Bob
>As usual, you missed the point.  Does anyone at Con-Ed, BG&E, or
>Virginia Power _specifically_ power on your station?  No.  The key here
>is _control_, not whether the power is applied and removed by an entity
>without regard to your station's operation.  I explained how I believed
>that the case of N1547C _is_ legal because the pilot is _not
>specifically_ turning on the tracker (it is wired, according to K7GPS,
>to the aircraft ignition switch).  I did say that should someone
>_specifically_ turn _on_ the tracker then they become the control
>operator because they now _directly_ control whether the station
>transmits even if each individual transmission is done
>_programmatically_ by the tracker.

You're splitting hairs here about as fine as possible.

If the only way to turn on/off the tracker is to turn off the master switch
in the aircraft, then making a call to the pilot in the air (not legal
on a cell phone and telling him that he must turn off the tracker would
require that he turn off the master switch to the airplane. That's not going
to work very well.

And splitting hairs the other way. If the tracker is only turned on by the
pilot physically turning on the master switch in the cockpit, then that
IS specifically turning on the tracker, no matter that other powered
in the aircraft is also being powered on.

This  operation is blatantly illegal... period... and I hope nobody 
'officially' brings
it to the attention of Riley.


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