[aprssig] Lets Fix New-N now!

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Oct 20 17:07:52 CDT 2005

You are in New Mexico?
I thought that NM was 100% WIDEn-N
Im confused.


>>> "keith allen" <ag4ac at earthlink.net> 10/20/05 3:43 PM >>>
	One thing I've noted is that there is a lot less using the N-N down here
than more.  Part of the problem stems from folks just getting into APRS who
really don't have the money to put into newer TNC's and instead have to
settle for older tnc's that only will support relay and/or wide....ie TNC's
that only have myalias with no uidigi and definitely NO uitrace support.  I
theorize that until you can readily purchase tnc's with full APRS support
at HAMFESTS or otherwise for say...10-35 dollars, this situation will
continue to exist.  It's not that some folks just refuse to change the
system, it's that many have better things to do with their money...ie eat,
put clothes on children's backs, etc.  In this area, there is maybe 10 stns
showing when I bring up a 32 mile screen on DOSAPRS.  As a result, I find
that most digis in that range do NOT support the n-n system and this tends
to nullify the point of using the n-n.  However, to make sure my bases are
covered in my mobile, I use relay,wide,wide1-1,wide2-2.  Any less and I
make it to an Igate less than 50% of the time. Until the n-n system becomes
the stabndard and not the exception, it makes no sense to change my paths. 
I do agree with the xyl ref digi ops being rude.  After all, this is a
HOBBY and not a mandate.  and I've always heard you get more flies with
honey than vinegar.  But maybe that's just an old southern wives tale.   

F. Keith Allen,  AG4AC
President, CCERC
NM, St Clair ARES Nets
My cellphone is a HAM Radio.You want to talk to me, GET A LICENSE!

> [Original Message]
> From: Robert Bruninga <bruninga at usna.edu>
> To: <aprssig at lists.tapr.org>
> Date: 10/18/2005 4:54:38 PM
> Subject: [aprssig] Lets Fix New-N now!
> Everyone in APRS:
> I received this email (below) from the wife of a long 
> distance APRS traveler, frustrated by those parts 
> of the USA network that still have not moved over 
> to the New-N full support of WIDEn-N.
> Please lets get those digi parameters changed to 
> fully support WIDEn-N under the New-N paradigm
> so that it DOES work everywhere.   There are still
> 114 old "T" digis and 95 "R" digis and 12 "W" digis
> that dont support WIDEn-N at all!
> Look at the letter below, and look at your map for
> these digis and lets get them fixed...  But be nice.
> de Wb4APR
> *----------
> >Dear Sir,
> >My husband... changed to the new format...
> >instead of RELAY..., but since he'll be 
> >on the road for 2 months... I'd let you know 
> >how it is for ME with [this]... new format.
> >
> >When he uses RELAY..., he is harrassed by 
> >numerous of your base unit operators... MOSTLY
> > in the  DC corridor ... with antagonistic comments...
> >which I personally think makes the senders look 
> >rude and crude.  
> >
> >When he uses your new format, it's VERY 
> >UPSETTING TO ME.  I use... findu.com to keep 
> >track of where he is....  We had a truck driving 
> >ham friend who died in his truck and wasn't found
> > for 10 days. 
> >
> >Since using your new format, I HAVE NOT BEEN 
> >ABLE TO TRACK HIM...about 75% to 80% of the 
> >time.  Without RELAY..., he's NOT ID'd in MOST 
> >localities outside the DC corridor...
> >
> > it's NOT the truck drivers who are keeping your 
> >new format from working... it's the land based 
> >systems all over the US that are NOT USING IT.  
> >
> >Please tell your local stations they aren't helping 
> >get cooperation by sending nasty, negative, 
> >antagonistic comments to the mobiles passing 
> >through their areas.  They are abrupt to the point 
> >of rudeness and that's NOT the way to get drivers 
> >to cooperate.  
> >
> > My husband is going to put RELAY BACK in his ...
> >[path]... cause I need to know where he is as much 
> >as possible... since  using the new format, it's NOT ...
> >[working]...
> >
> >SIGNED....<snip>
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