[aprssig] PACCOMM TNC & WIDEn-N clarification

Mark Earle wa2mct at mearle.com
Thu Oct 20 18:46:19 CDT 2005

>So if I'm reading this correctly, anybody trying to go through this digi 
>as their first hop *must* have WIDE1-1 at the beginning of the path, or 
>else the paccomm will ignore them. I'm assuming if that's true, then in 
>the "old days" this would also ignore all packets without "RELAY" at the 


>Can anybody confirm that my understanding is correct, or educate me as to 
>why I'm seeing what I'm seeing? Is the next best viable option to look at 
>getting UIDIGI PROMs burnt for these digis? Is UIDIGI a better option?

I'd say so. We run this on a lot of TNC's in TX. If it's a tiny-2, or 
micropower, UIDIGI just drops in. A PacComm TNC -220 may not run UIDIGI, 
I'm not sure. But the majority of that brand will.

UI Digi has the advantage that after a power putage, all settings are 
retained - they are in the ROM. In fact, we remove the batteries from our 
digis. One less thing to go wrong.

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