[aprssig] RE: Weather Data - Hot Air Balloon - Broadcasting?

Vic Fraenckel victorf at windreader.com
Thu Oct 20 20:26:02 CDT 2005

Jay Bareman wrote:
>I think one thing that has been missed in this discussion is the actual data
>that Vic intends to send.  It is a bit of a misnomer when Vic said he wanted
>to send weather data and have someone in a hot air balloon receive it and
>how could he do that.  

Thanks Jay for your comments. This is exactly what I was asking about. I am always amazed as to how dicussions morph into areas that, tho interesting, are not really on point. I am as much to blame here as I did not state my request as eloquently as you have for me. 

As you have surmised, I am in the process of reviving my WindReader project and wish to consider more modern ways of presenting the data to the balloon pilot. Since this is an APRS Sig, it was natural for the members to look at my request as a way to transmit the output of personal weather stations as it is currently being done with APRS. 

Jay has put my request to the sig in exactly the manner that I wish I had done with my original post. If anyone has any ideas they would like to pass along, I would be grateful. I don't wish to get into some legal wrangling over a simple request for information. 

Any and all technical ideas are welcome and will receive my full attention. 

I want to thank all of you who have and will respond to my request. I fully appreciate the depth of knowledge that is represented by the members of this group. It is why I made my request here.



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