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At 06:05 PM 10/20/2005, you wrote:
>The link you provided has absolutely *nothing*
>to do with private aviation!  It is entirely within
>the context of commercial passenger airlines,
>which are operating under IFR rules.  On a private
>plane, under VFR rules, and below the FCC's
>limit (and I don't recall if its 3,500 or 3,000 ft),
>you can use a cell phone.  I was specifically informed
>of this directly from a supervisor at FCC HQ in Washington.
>It's irrelavant to APRS so I'm not going to waste time
>trying to track down a regulatory cite for you.  You can't
>take regulations out of context, it just doesn't work.  I'd
>suggest you call your local FSS and talk to a pilot.

The link I provided references the rules that apply to ALL

I'd suggest that you read the applicable FCC rules (I am a pilot).
The applicable rule applies to ALL airplanes, baloons or any other
type of aircraft.....

Title 47--Telecommunication



§ 22.925 Prohibition on airborne operation
of cellular telephones.
Cellular telephones installed in or
carried aboard airplanes, balloons or
any other type of aircraft must not be
operated while such aircraft are airborne
(not touching the ground). When
any aircraft leaves the ground, all cellular
telephones on board that aircraft
must be turned off. The following notice
must be posted on or near each cellular
telephone installed in any aircraft:
‘‘The use of cellular telephones while
this aircraft is airborne is prohibited
by FCC rules, and the violation of this
rule could result in suspension of service
and/or a fine. The use of cellular
telephones while this aircraft is on the
ground is subject to FAA regulations.’’

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> > >Actually, cells phones *can* be used on aircraft in flight.
> > >They are specifically permitted at altitudes under 3,500
> > >(or was it 3,000?) ft.  You're confusing airline regulations
> > >with FAA and FCC regs.  The airlines, operating under IFR
> > >rules, can restrict whatever they deem potentially dangerous,
> > >regardless of whether it may be permitted by other regs.  And
> > >they all do prohibit cell phones.  It has a lot to do also with
> > >potential lost revenues from their own installed seat back phones.
> >
> > Not true...
> >
> > http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/consumerfacts/cellonplanes.html
> >
> >
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