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[aprssig] N1547C tracker

John K9IJ k9ij at vx5.com
Fri Oct 21 01:46:02 UTC 2005

At 06:19 PM 10/20/2005, you wrote:
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> > From: John K9IJ
> > Posted At: Thursday, October 20, 2005 5:19 PM
> > Subject: Re: [aprssig] N1547C tracker
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> > within the rules, that doesn't mean that others is. For
> > example, over half of APRS transmissions are not identified
> > 'strictly' within the rules. (Hint - carefully read
> > 97.119(c)) are all of yours?
> >
> > You want to pick nits?
>If you are talking about SSIDs, they are not an "indicator" as defined
>in the rules:
>97.3(a)(24) Indicator. Words, letters or numerals appended to and
>separated from the call sign during the station identification.
>A SSID is part of the 7th octet in an AX.25 address field.  It is not a
>word, letter, or numeral "appended to and separated from the call sign
>during the station identification".  The FCC has already ruled that the
>call sign contained in the source or digipeater address fields in the
>AX.25 header is legal and within the rules for proper station
>identification IF no other identification requirements exist (I
>recommend you review FCC notes and records when they first allowed
>non-RTTY data communications to amateur radio).  If you are required to
>use a prefix or suffix indicator as defined in the rest of 97.119, this
>call sign with a slant and indicator identification must be in the
>packet information field because the AX.25 address field does not
>support slants.  However, per other rules in Part 97, this extra
>identification is only required every to occur at least every 10 minutes
>and upon ceasing transmission (in other words, it doesn't have to be in
>every packet) if it is required for your station at all.

Cite Please

(not that I disbelieve, but I'd be interested in reading the discussion).

John - K9IJ


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