[aprssig] RE: Weather Data - Hot Air Balloon - Broadcasting?

Richard Amirault ramirault at erols.com
Thu Oct 20 20:49:34 CDT 2005

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From: "Vic Fraenckel"
Subject: [aprssig] RE: Weather Data - Hot Air Balloon - Broadcasting?
Thanks Jay for your comments. This is exactly what I was asking about. I am 
always amazed as to how dicussions morph into areas that, tho interesting, 
are not really on point. I am as much to blame here as I did not state my 
request as eloquently as you have for me.

As you have surmised, I am in the process of reviving my WindReader project 
and wish to consider more modern ways of presenting the data to the balloon 
pilot. Since this is an APRS Sig, it was natural for the members to look at 
my request as a way to transmit the output of personal weather stations as 
it is currently being done with APRS.
If you intend on doing this activity on ham radio then the previous 
discussion is certainly "on point".

You have never said if you, indeed, want to do this on ham radio.  If so, 
there were ways mentioned in the discussion for you to do this.  If you are 
open to other freqs other than ham freqs, please say so, which will enable 
the group to consider other options (and also risk being an "off topic" 

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