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Thanks, Shaun.

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If you dont want to "install" Linux but want to check it out, go here 

It's a remastered version of Knoppix, a cd-bootable form of Linux.  It 
will let you run Linux on your computer, whithout having to install it 
for one, and secondly, this guy took it a step further and made it a 
usable distrubution for Ham's buyt laoding it wup with all kinds if 
Linux Amateur Radio software, including Xastir.


Curt, WE7U wrote:

>On Thu, 20 Oct 2005, Ron McCoy wrote:
>>I've been using UI-View32 but Xastir is sounding very interesting.
>>I've got a spare box to play with...can you cite a "How To" on setting up
>>Xastir from scratch?
>How much from scratch?
>I won't (not that I can't) go into installing Linux onto a box as
>that's covered elsewhere.
>If you want to install Xastir on Windows, that's covered in the
>README.win32 document available from the Xastir home page.
>If you check the binary page you'll find CD's that will let you do
>the Windows install easier/faster, and even CD's that have a
>runnable Linux installation with Xastir pre-installed, that won't
>touch your Windows hard drive at all.
>If you want to install on Linux/MacOSX/Solaris/HP-UX/FreeBSD, read
>the other INSTALL and README documents there.
>It's free, under the open-source GPL license.
>    http://www.xastir.org
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