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[aprssig] PACCOMM TNC & WIDEn-N clarification

Mark Earle wa2mct at mearle.com
Fri Oct 21 12:45:07 UTC 2005

 >As it turns out, after discussing this exercise with the digi owner, we're
 >going to move forward with an "upgrade" to UIDIGI for both his PacComm-based

I think you'll be pleased. The ONLY headache with the UIDIGI is it has no 
local console. I mean, you can make some changes with a terminal, but at 
the site, if you need to run the "cal" routine, to check deviation, or, you 
want to watch the channel. For those things you will need the current ROM 
handy. So don't toss it or erase it! :)

Another trick some folks do, but I don't have the specifics handy:

TNC-2 Roms are 256k. You can get a 512k EPROM, load UIDIGI in one half, the 
original code in the other, and wire a switch to select which is in use. 
Some PacComms came this way from the factory.

Since in practice, you don't set dev every site trip, I haven't bothered 
with this. I just carry an HT, pico-packet tnc, a few cables, and "test" 
using a set up in to a dummy load a few feet from the installed digi.

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 >Ah yes!  In fact, thats what I thought it said.
 >Ill go fix it...   Bob
 >>>> k9opo-1 at sbcglobal.net 10/20/05 11:23 PM >>>
 >At 10:16 PM 10/20/2005, Robert Bruninga wrote:
 >>But I now see this confuses people and appears to contradict other
 >>writings.  Maybe I should change that to FIXED stations in the vicnity
 >>of those old digis should use the path of WIDE2-1,WIDE2-1 etc..
 >Seems like FIXED stations should be using the actual digi callsign first,
 >then it doesn't matter what kind of a TNC it is or how it's setup.
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