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[aprssig] More on TEMPn-N

Bill Vodall WA7NWP wa7nwp at jnos.org
Fri Oct 21 19:12:52 UTC 2005

Baaack to TEMPn-N..

First, if anybody has actually set this up on a D700 and has the 
commands, I'd appreciate seeing them so I can pass it on to a couple 
locals here.

Second.  There's still a lot of folks using real TNC's for mobile 
stations.  They're another group that could implement the TEMPn-N 
scheme.  We should be able to come up with an example configuration for 
a KPC version.  Hmmm - what to do with mobiles capable of digipeating 
but not of n-M functionality.   Given my current situations, WIDE1-1 
will be appropriate.  If the WIDE1-1 was covered, what would be a good 
backup digipeater alias?


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