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[aprssig] AEA TNCs and NEWn-N

Brad [VE3BSM] lists.nospam at bpsmicro.com
Sat Oct 22 21:08:23 UTC 2005

Are any of the AEA TNCs (specifically the PK232MBX but the question applies
to all) capable of being run as NEWn-N digis? It seems they're not UIDIGI
compatible, and I can't find any information to tell me whether they can be
"persuaded" to work properly as WIDEn-N digis.

If the answer is No, then I can tell the owner to hunt around for something
else (preferably a TNC-2).


P.S. Are the archives of this list supposed to be searchable? I try a search
on the lists.tapr.org site and it *always* fails no matter what I put in.

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