[aprssig] Re: KPC-3 8.2 settings

Andrew Rich vk4tec at tech-software.net
Sat Oct 22 17:35:50 CDT 2005

Your running 5 watts into a "plus 3"

What is a "plus 3" ?

What is your packet path ?

Can you see a digipeater ?

Do you have an igate in your area ?

The rule is "run as much power as is neccessary"

1 Watt - with reference to what ? you lost me

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What is the rule of the thumb for power on APRS?  I'm
running 5-watts into a plus 3 and I'm not doing good
at all.  I've never found myself on findu.  So I
assume I'm flogging a dead horse here.

We used to run 1-watt on packet.  Has that changed?

72 de Scott

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