[aprssig] W9IF PerlAPRS

Tyson S. timbercutter at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 22 19:01:28 CDT 2005

The first thing that happens is when I try to issue the command to open
an Internet server following the instructions on the PERLAPRS web site:

"The default port that PerlAPRS will open is "/dev/cua1". However, you
can specify an alternate serial port using this option. For this
example, a Linux serial port name is indicated. For other platforms,
consult the system's documentation. perlAPRS -p
www.wa4dsy.radio.org:14579 perlAPRS –p sboyle.slip.netcom.com:14579
perlAPRS -p www.ne1h.radio.org:14579 If an Internet address is
specified, PerlAPRS will open a socket to the address and obtain TNC
data from the Internet. The examples listed are three presently know
APRS servers. The text preceding the colon is the host name. The number
following the colon is the port number which is fixed at 14579 for APRS

I tried to open one of the tier2 servers instead of one of the ones
listed above because they are too old, but what I think might be
happening is that the perlaprs is not sending a login command that
aprsis wants to see. But after I issue that command the command prompt
stops responding to anything I type into it, and nothing else happens
anymore till I restart it.

--- Tyler Allison <tyler at allisonhouse.com> wrote:

> > Is there anyone who is using W9IF's PerlAPRS application? It can be
> > found at, http://w9if.net/iweb/perlaprs/ I am trying to make it
> work
> > but can't seem to make it go. But I also know nothing about Perl,
> so I
> > am sure that does not help matters. If anyone here knows how to
> make it
> > work I would really appreciate any tips/advice. Basically I want to
> set
> > it up to listen to a TIER2 server and when a station moves into a
> > certain area I want it to send an email to my cell phone as a
> > notification. Thanks.
> What error message are you getting?
> -Tyler

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