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Ted G. Freitas (KE6YJC) ke6yjc at ke6yjc.org
Sun Oct 23 16:42:09 CDT 2005

Well every time I try to connect to my UI-VIEW APRS Server it says TCP Open
failed. Do you know if MacAPRS is compatible with UI-View?

On 10/23/05, Ron Cluster <rcluster at rgisp.com> wrote:
> how did you get it to connect to the Internet for a feed?
>  Well, it's been a while. I think I had to create a textfile with the
> server address and port in it. Copied the one that came with the program and
> changed the copy to what I wanted. Restart the program and then I could
> choose that server. Pretty clunky, just like WinAPRS.
>  Also what maps did you use with it?
>  I think it's designed to use the downloadable tiger map data. I tried
> one, seemed like a huge amount of work if you wanted street level detail for
> the US and Canada. Not to mention the storage space and download time.
> Doesn't support the newest version of Precision Mapping (Version 7). It also
> can use the old DosAPRS, WinAPRS, MacAPRS simple line maps.
>  One more thing I can't find the carbon release anymore.
>  Can't help you there. It took me about a week of playing with it to
> decide that I didn't need to waste anymore time on it.
>  If I was going to run APRS on my Mac, I would run UI-View32
> (Donationware) with Precision Mapping 7 ($50) under virtual PC (Don't recall
> the price). I did a month long test on an older Mac laptop running OS
> 10.3.7. No serial port so I had to use a USB to Serial converter (Keyspan,
> the only way to go). TNC was a KPC3+ v8.3 with a homemade splitter cable
> that connects the radio and gps to same DB9 connector on the TNC. It worked
> perfectly, with the added benefit of being able to just restart the Windows
> emulator if Windows crashed, which it did a couple of times. Obviously at
> home, you wouldn't need the gps so you could do this with just about any
> TNC. If it supports KISS, that's even better because then UI-View32 has the
> capability of becoming a fill-in WIDE1-1 digi or a complete "new paradigm"
> WIDEn-N digi.
>  The only reason I'm not doing this is my laptop is a Windows box, and I
> have a dedicated APRS/Weather station Windows PC at home, plus my Mac is
> pretty busy with video editing, music and photo work.
>  73.....Ron.....AC7TK.....(-9 Mobile, -2 Wx, -1 Work)
> UI-View32 iGate in Eugene, OR
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