[aprssig] Delayed Packets

Stan Coleman [NØYXV] n0yxv at gihams.org
Mon Oct 24 10:42:51 CDT 2005

> In all cases, it is important to _not_ assume that the problem is here
> or there just because of what you see on one of the APRS-IS databases.
> Keep in mind that all of the servers do dupe checking (for a 30 second
> interval) so the database will only see the first packet to make it
> through APRS-IS.  The dupe checking is not a function of the database,
> it is a function of all of the servers.

Wasn't trying to assume only to put two emails together. It's kind of like
"Thinking Out loud" or better yet simply a hypothesis, thanks for the reply.
Lots of good information to look at.

P.S. I was watching RF on a machine that just logs packets in the area and it
didn't show any dubs in the log. At present #2 looks like a good bet and makes
the most sense. The 30 second check would completely kill my thought.

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