OT flame [aprssig] WHY all the attachments?

David Flood davidf4 at mindspring.com
Mon Oct 24 13:26:28 CDT 2005

Based on a scan of the folder for this group in Microsoft Lookout, it
appears that you will get a small text attachment with the aprssig mailing
list stuff (the stuff normally below the solid line) included if the
original post is in HTML.

<asbestos underwear on>

If you are using an e-mail program that is brain damaged enough to have HTML
formatted mail turned on by default or you mistakenly / deliberately turned
it on, do your e-mail virus scanner, your mail administrator, your inbox
size, and lists such as this a favor.  TURN IT OFF!  The easiest way to
include a virus is to have something other than plain ordinary text
involved.  If you have to have it turned on, at least go into your address
book and specify that e-mail sent to this list will be formatted in plain

<asbestos underwear off>

We now return you to the subject of this list which is the current state of
APRS.  Perhaps, based on other discussions going on, I shouldn't have taken
off my asbestos underwear.


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WHY are all of these messages being sent with attachments?

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