[aprssig] RE: WHY all the attachments?

KC2MMi kc2mmi at verizon.net
Tue Oct 25 12:34:35 CDT 2005

Nice underwear, Dave. Check these out, they're Nomex.<G>

Most hams appear to have zero computer literacy or skills, and they're
belligerently proud of that ignorance. They can't understand, or don't care, why
using HTML generates 4x-5x overhead on lists, and that translates into an 80%
QRM noise factor they are sending out. Of course, the same fine ops would never
dream of sending out 80% useless QRM on the AIR.

One option is to switch the list to digest mode, which at least strips out all
the attachments and HTML.

Then the only QRM is from the same fine ops who quote every quoted quote in
their replies. So far, I've seen messages quoted seven levels deep in replies on
ham lists. Plus or minus the attachments and HTML.<G>

That's a level of QRM to REALLY BE PROUD OF, better than what, 90% noise to 10%
real signal?

I understand the new FCC Element 5 Exam will include questions on how to cut and
paste, and hams won't be allowed to operate in any mode on the internet unless
they can pass it.<G>

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