[aprssig] WHY all the attachments?

Noel Shrum ar798 at tcnet.org
Tue Oct 25 13:52:47 CDT 2005

I get on the internet using my cellphone as a modem.
Its only a 14.4Kbps modem so lots of HTML mail makes it take alot longer 
to download my email.
Most of the HTML email that I see are more than twice the size of a 
plain text email because it sends the message in plantext AND again in 
HTML format with all the HTML markup.


Jim Andrews wrote:
> I didn't say I wanted HTML from this list, I was talking about ALL e-mails I
> receive whilst OL is in it's screwed-up mode.
> Everything from this list comes to me in plain text, which is the way I want it.
> As another poster just said, HTML just puts a significant unwanted overhead on
> messages.
> Jim

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