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[aprssig] Emergency power/light idea

Kurt A. Freiberger kurt at badgers-hill.net
Thu Oct 27 03:12:39 UTC 2005

Coleman(tm) also has a similar unit, but Sam's Club has it for $15, 
whilst WallyWorld charges $20.  Go figger.


scott at opentrac.org wrote:
> This isn't strictly an APRS thing, but it involves powerpoles, so I figure
> it's close enough. =]
> We had a power outage here that lasted about 8 hours, and it occurred to me
> that since I lost my 12-volt fluorescent work light I didn't have any
> efficient low-voltage lighting.  Not that it mattered too much, since one
> deep cycle battery was enough to run the floor lamps with CFL bulbs through
> an inverter for the duration, but that's not the point.
> I picked up an 8 D cell twin-tube fluorescent lantern at Wal-Mart for about
> $20.  It's reasonably rugged and puts out a lot of light:
> http://www.rayovac.com/flashlight/sportsman/sp_SP8D.htm
> Anyway, you can unscrew the top and attach 14 gauge automotive zip cord to
> the two threaded rods that connect to the battery compartment.  Drill a hole
> in the front (looks like there was a hole there that was filled in) to pass
> the wires through and attach the powerpole connectors.  When you're done
> you've got a lantern you can run off a deep cycle battery, or you can load
> it with D cells and use it as a portable power supply.  It should have
> enough juice to run a mobile rig for several hours.  Keep it stocked with
> alkaline batteries and the self-discharge rate is low enough that you can
> keep it on the shelf for a year and still have it provide power.
> You can never have too many powerpole-compatible gadgets around the house.
> =]
> Scott
> N1VG
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