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[aprssig] USB GPS receiver

Matt Murphy web8ck at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 27 10:53:13 UTC 2005

Hello all!  I did some searching and did not find anything on this but I may have skipped over something.  If there was a previous post please let me know.
I have a USB Holux GPS receiver (This one does not have the PS2 connector).  I purchased it for work.  I am no longer at that job and now want to use it for APRS.  
Is there a way to convert or adapt this receiver for use with a tracker/tnc?  Holux sells this unit with a PS2 connector and adapters can be used to do what I need.  I thought of making a pigtail with a USB female to PS2 male/female (whichever is needed) then get/make the adapter.  Will this work?  I have posed this question to Holux and have not received an answer yet.

Thanks for your help!

Matthew, kc8bew
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