[aprssig] Ideal Radio Question

Charles J. Miller nsaamiller at nvc.net
Thu Oct 27 09:12:30 CDT 2005


I've been lurking for some time here, and operate APRS mobile using a 
D700.  I want to set up a digipeater base station with the possibility 
of I-gate.  I have looked at a number of the new single band radios that 
are out there, but it seems none have a dedicated "packet" or "data" 
port, like the FT-1500 that I use as another APRS mobile.

While I know this is a loaded question, but is there a radio that serves 
as an "ideal" digi station that would have a data-type port?  I just 
would rather avoid futzing with volume control/speaker output, mic plug 
interfaces, etc.


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