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[aprssig] TMV-7A TO TNC HELP

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Thu Oct 27 16:37:55 UTC 2005

>Can anyone provide information on the setup 
>for a Kenwood TMV-7A to a KPC-3. Specifically, 
>the connection wiring between the front data 
>port and the TNC. I can receive data and am 
>able to plot other mobile and fixed stations, 
>but I don't show up on findu. The local path is 
>still Relay,Wide which is set. 

Please take this kindly...  it is offered to make
it easier for us to help you... but that last sentence
raises so many questions, that could easily be
answered if you told us where you are or at 
least included your callsign so we could look it up.

Then we could easily check the global APRS-IS
system and at least find out these things:
1) Where on the planet you are
2) What are the nearest digis
3) What are the configurations of those digis
4) What your packet looks like
5) and from all that, we could probably tell you what
might be wrong.  

It could be that your wiring is correct and just something
is wrong with your path...

Again, not criticizing, but we see many requests here
on this sig that often provide hardly any info to go on...
when it could be so easily included...


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