[aprssig] what are the currently available inexpensive GPS suitable for APRS

Jim Lux jimlux at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 27 13:01:26 CDT 2005

Is there some repository (reasonably up to date) that lists currently 
available GPS widgets that spit out NMEA sentences, etc. and describes the 
amount of hacking/surgery/modification that would be required?

I've recently been asked by several folks for something that is "close" to 
turnkey, as far as the GPS, but also cheap (i.e. they don't want the latest 
whiz-bang Garmin or Thales moving map unit that talks to you as you drive.. 
they're thinking hockeypuck with wires that sits on dashboard, etc.)

There's a wealth of information in the list archives, but it's exceedingly 
tedious to find it, and it's not always clear whether someone is describing 
something that they picked up at a hamfest 3 years ago that they're just 
now wiring up, or whether they ordered it mail-order yesterday.

If someone has a web page that is maintained, this would be a real asset to 
the aprs community (and to folks who want to join the community)

Jim, W6RMK

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