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[aprssig] Ideal Radio Question

Stephen H. Smith wa8lmf2 at aol.com
Thu Oct 27 18:19:19 UTC 2005

nsaamiller at nvc.net wrote:

> . I have looked at a number of the new single band radios that are out 
> there, but it seems none have a dedicated "packet" or "data" port, 
> like the FT-1500 that I use as another APRS mobile.
> While I know this is a loaded question, but is there a radio that 
> serves as an "ideal" digi station that would have a data-type port?  I 
> just would rather avoid futzing with volume control/speaker output, 
> mic plug interfaces, etc.

The Kenwood TM-271 is a reasonably priced 2M monobander.  For some 
strange reason, the European version of this radio (but not the US 
version) has the 6-pin mini-din "data" connector. The rear panel hole 
for the jack is covered up with a capplug on the US model.  The 
configuration menus in the U.S. radio still include 1200 vs 9600 baud 
packet settings even though the connector isn't there.

N1VG discovered that the U.S. version does have the contact pads for the 
jack on it's PCB; it's just that the connector isn't installed.    You 
can tack wires from an external PS/2 female connector "pigtail" cut from 
a mouse extension cord to the pads  --OR--  order a "replacement" PS/2 
jack for the Euro model from Kenwood and install it yourself. 

Once the jack or other connection is installed, the TM-271 works very 
well on packet, including a very fast keyup time on TX, allowing you to 
use a very short TXD in packet devices.

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