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Coleman(tm) also has a similar unit, but Sam's Club has it for $15, 
whilst WallyWorld charges $20.  Go figger.


Kurt  _NO_ this _is_ expected,      // set hot button flag //
   Actually Wally-World has lots of lost leaders.  They are usually very cheap junk just to get you in the store so you see and buy one of the other over priced items. They are not, inspite of their ads, the lowest in town.  That's just another one of their m a n y unethical practices and why I don't go there.  
sorry folks // clear ot button flag//
73, Steve, K9DCI

scott at opentrac.org wrote:
> This isn't strictly an APRS thing, but ...
> I picked up an 8 D cell twin-tube fluorescent lantern at Wal-Mart for 
about $20.  It's reasonably rugged and puts out a lot of light:
> http://www.rayovac.com/flashlight/sportsman/sp_SP8D.htm
> ... you've got a lantern you can run off a deep cycle battery, or you can 
> it with D cells and use it as a portable power supply.  It should 
> enough juice to run a mobile rig for several hours.  

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