[aprssig] KPC-3+ Trackers (not blind)... MODIFIED: (or DUMB)

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For what it is worth.  KPC-3+ dumb GPS trackers
CAN display all other APRS stations on an attached
GPS just like the D7 and D700 do.

Its a feature built into APRSdos to "translate" all
on-air position reports to a WPL packet and then
trasmit that locally to all such KPC-3+ trackers.

The tracker is still just a dumb tracker but its
GPS can now see and display everyone else.


   Maybe it's my GPS (III+ and II+) But since I have TX and RX on my GPS
plug, on the vary rare occasion that I operate my KPC3 and my FT-2600
without a computer, I see all received stations as waypoints with callsign
on my GPS display


NOTE, this is Channel intensive and is not encouraged
for general use since it DOUBLES the packets on the
air.  But it does allow such dumb and blind trackers to
at least see what is around them at special events.

Normally since these trackers are dumb, the best
way to set this is up is just to have the APRSdos
station listening on 144.39 and then translating
all positions heard for all stations and transmitting
them on a different local frequency.

The KPC-3+ dumb trackers listen on that local freq
but transmit like normal on 144.39.  Then, as long
as they are in range of the centralized APRSdos
station or a digi on the same freq, they can "see"
APRS just like the kenwoods.  (but they still have
no message capability)...

   HHmmm that statement (dumb tracker) bothers me a little when referred to
a full fledged TNC..... since I consider something DUMB is being only able
to TX and not interface with a computer/client prgm for full two-way
communications. Dumb trackers (I still don't like that term) such as the
TinyTrak etc have their place (especially Public events for TRACKING
purposes) but to me a KPC3/+ connected to a computer for messaging is not
dumb. Also since they function as digi's, I'd say they are "smart"! [GRIN]

	Just like my previous msg, I get tired of sending messages to hams
traveling my area (I-10 Florida Panhandle) only to find they can't receive
my message. I usually follow-up with Email after looking it up on QRZ.

  I understand your position about expanding the possibilities of aprsdos (I
run that and also AprsData) but I'd like to see the devices put into
categories correctly. Just my opinion of course............


Just another rarely used APRSdos function.
 But very good if you need it.

de Wb4APR, Bob

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