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[aprssig] RE: USB GPS receiver

Matt Murphy web8ck at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 28 04:16:53 UTC 2005

The model # is GM-210 and it is not on the Holux.com.tw website but it does spit out NMEA sentences. I purchased it off of Ebay. (When I bought it they did have it on the site.) I am in contact with the seller for possible exchange. The 210 on the Holux site now has the PS2 connector and that is why I was thinking it would convert. I guess I will have to wait and to talk to them. I was figuring it would not work but thought I would look into it.


I am at work now (12:05 am) I will put up exact info for it on my web page when I get home this morning.

Matthew, kc8bew
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