[aprssig] Airborne APRS

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Fri Oct 28 11:09:10 CDT 2005

I think the D7 in the plane gives you the simplest solution.  It's not fun 
having a big, unwieldy temporary setup in the plane.  I can remember having 
2 meter and ATV gear spread out all over the back seat.  It'd take 10 
minutes after landing to extricate myself from all the cables.

If you've got an ammo can packed and ready to go that you can just hook a 
window-mounted antenna to, sure, a digi would work.  But for a non-moving 
target, I'd go for simplicity.

Of course, you could always launch a second balloon to act as a digi for the 
first.  =]


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>I would put a D7 in the chase vehicle not in the plane, since it can't act 
>as a digi. Why manually relay the position if you don't have to?
> Instead, I would put a simple digi in the plane (such as a KPC3 and an HT) 
> and a D7 and GPS with a map display in the chase vehicle. This way the 
> position can be relayed to the chase vehicle and displayed directly on the 
> map. If you use a GPS that plots routes, it will tell you how to get there 
> from where you are...
> 73,
> Paul, W2PI

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