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[aprssig] Airborne APRS

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Fri Oct 28 16:34:52 UTC 2005

If the aircraft is going to digipeat the downed balloon,
make SURE that it can be set to IGNORE DCD so
that it will transmit as soon as it hears the balloon
independent of all the other QRM on the channel.

Otherwise, it will never transmit at altitiude.  Bob

>>> mckeehan at mckeehan.homeip.net 10/28/05 11:22 AM >>>
In participating in some balloon chases where we had difficulty finding the
ballon once it landed, some of the guys thought it would be nice to fly an
airplane over the area with an APRS station on board the airplane, thus giving
it line-of-site with the low power balloon beacon and getting a position.

The guys have a pilot/airplane, but we are wondering how to setup the APRS
station in the airplane. The plane will generally be a Cessna 172 - a
high-wing monoplane.

Has anyone on this list tried this? How did you position the antenna? What
type of antenna did you use?

Thanks for any ideas/input.
William McKeehan
Internet: mckeehan at mckeehan.homeip.net 

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