[aprssig] One-wire wx help

Jim Bradbury jim at bradbury.org
Fri Oct 28 12:17:06 CDT 2005


To ans your quest. about the temperature:

I have a 1-wire system and don't yet have the
barometer module.  My temperatures from the
humidity module and the main weather station
(which are 2 feet apart) are usually within
a degree of each other.  I only record the
temp from the weather station.
You can see my graphs at:

-= Jim =-
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> I have tried connecting the baromoter to the right
> side phone jack and also connecting it in series with
> the basic unit.  Both seem to give a valid signal to
> the Opentracker but the temperature is always 32
> dgrees and no barometer.

The main problem is that the OpenTracker doesn't support the barometer
module yet.  A user was nice enough to loan one to me for testing, so when I
get a chance I'll see what I can do.  What's the model number of the
barometer unit you've got?

Is the temperature correct when the barometer module isn't plugged in?


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