[aprssig] One-wire wx help

Scott Miller scott at opentrac.org
Fri Oct 28 12:21:31 CDT 2005

What I really need to know is if the OpenTracker is misreading the 
temperature when the barometer is plugged in.  It has no way to 
differentiate between two sensors of the same type on the bus.

The new diagnostic firmware will soon have an option to enumerate connected 
devices.  It may be necessary to plug in devices one at a time to get their 
IDs - so far it has avoided that problem because the basic wind instrument 
only has one device for each family code.


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> Scott,
> To ans your quest. about the temperature:
> I have a 1-wire system and don't yet have the
> barometer module.  My temperatures from the
> humidity module and the main weather station
> (which are 2 feet apart) are usually within
> a degree of each other.  I only record the
> temp from the weather station.
> You can see my graphs at:
> http://ravensnesthoa.com/weather/

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