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Keith Kotch kkotch at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 28 16:36:39 CDT 2005

For grins, go to http://www.delorme.com/support/gps/lt20001.asp and download
and install Delorme's Serial Emulator.  Maybe, just maybe, it'll recognize
your USB GPS and work.  What's the worst that can happen?  A little smoke
release?  Atmosphere can handle it.  If it's bad enough, maybe it'll show up
on FireNet.

I've got the Earthmate USB unit and I can run it on WinAPRS now using the
Delorme emulator.  I can also use it at the same time with my Delorme
mapping program.  I believe it's proprietary to their GPS but you never know
unless you try.

Keith, KF4BXT

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I didn't know for sure but was thinking that was the
case.  It worked well for my work at the time!  I
probably will sell it and get the one with the PS2.

Thanks for all your help everyone!

Matthew, kc8bew

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