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[aprssig] New Paradigm configuration for UIDIGI - Revised

Robert Bruninga bruninga at usna.edu
Sun Oct 30 18:36:39 UTC 2005

>>> wa2mct at mearle.com 10/29/05 8:57 PM >>>
>>Due to an interoperability issue between UIDIGI and KPC3's, the
>>configuration for the New Paradigm has been revised.
>It's amazing to me, how much we do 
>to get around the KPC3 limits.
>Is it that prevelant and that "good" a product?

I think you are missinformed.  The interoperability
problems are caused by problems in the UIDIGI ROMS
or settings.  Has nothing to do with the KPC-3+ other
than they did it right (eventually).

>Or is it like the D700 - you can't mention the warts? :-)

You may, but most people just kiss the frog and
enjoy communicating through the prince.  


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