[aprssig] Alinco DR-135T - EJ41U internal modem

Ron Stordahl ron.stordahl at digikey.com
Mon Oct 31 09:30:00 CST 2005

The Alinco DR-135T internal TNC is their EJ41U board.  Here is a quote 
from their FAQ at www.alinco.com regarding this board:

Q: Does EJ41U TNC unit support the KISS mode ?
A: Yes it does but unfortunately in a limited way. As the default 
setting you must configure the EJ41U to the KISS every time you turn on 
the radio. In order to ease the KISS operation with the EJ41U you may 
refer this website at http://research.aerocity.net/tnc/ej-41u/  Please 
be advised that this site is totally created and maintenanced by the 3rd 
party and Alinco declines any and all responsibilities for its contents, 
the consequence of utilizing the information written therein and any 
form of the tech-support relative to this subject.

I tried to go to the web site for additional information on that 
internal tnc, but the link was dead!

So it doesn't look good.  I do have a DR-135T which I use in my car with 
a TinyTrack and am pleased with it.  I also did hook up as a test an 
MFJ1270C to the DB9 connector on the rear of the DR-135T and it worked 
fine.  Looks like one should be skeptical of the EJ41U modem option in 
the DR-135T.

Ron, N5IN

scott at opentrac.org wrote:
>> Assuming this refers to the Alinco DR-135 with built-in TNC, 
>> I'd be curious about the details of
>> this opinion.   I was under the impression that
>> these (or just about any TNC) works just fine with APRS and any IGate.
> Haven't tried it myself, but I keep hearing things about buffer issues and
> (I think) lockups.  But then, I tend to forget that a lot of people don't
> run KISS mode.  Maybe in converse mode it's OK.
> Scott
> N1VG
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