[aprssig] KPC3+ from GPS to TERMINAL

Herb Gerhardt hgerhardt at wavecable.com
Mon Oct 31 10:38:20 CST 2005

I have not used a KPC3+ as a tracker for several years but from what I
remember, you did not need to switch the KPC3+ Version 8.3 into GPS mode to
use it as a tracker.  You did have to go to GPS mode in the plain KPC-3 and
earlier models of the KPC-3+.

In those older models I seem to remember having this same problem and I
think the easiest way to get out of it was to connect to the TNC remotely
and then change the mode remotely.

Hope that helps,

Herb, KB7UVC
NW APRS Group, West Sound Coordinator
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> Are there any tricks for getting a KPC3+ to go from GPS mode to TERMINAL
> mode?  The +++ never seems to work for me and I always have to resort to
> a hardware reset to get the TNC out of GPS mode.  Thanks!
> 73
> Phil Pacier - AD6NH

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