[aprssig] findU in trouble...

Steve Dimse steve at dimse.com
Thu Sep 1 09:51:57 CDT 2005

findU desperately needs a new home!

I just was notified that because of two spam complaints (not against  
my server) the data center hosting findU is being cut off by its  
upstream provider. Sometime in the next few days, without any further  
notice, findU and all my other sites, as well as my email access will  
be cut off.

I will therefore need a new site to host the server, if anyone has an  
offer, please email through my gmail account (sdimse at gmail.com), or  
call me 305-942-1174.

I'll be moving things as fast as I can to the backup server, but it  
has very old hardware and likely will be unable to carry the load...

Steve K4HG

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