[aprssig] New Orleans APRS digi still on the air

Kurt O. Jauss kf6hjo at earthlink.net
Thu Sep 1 23:19:19 CDT 2005

I am involved with the maintenance of several AM broadcast transmitters 
in Calif, and on two we installed backup generators but they run on LPG. 
The 5th wheel trailer I just bought also comes with a LPG generator.

Ray McKnight wrote:

>A generator that's buried under floodwater isn't going to be much use.
>Also, there are no gas stations in operation within many miles.
>Even if someone got lucky and survived without damage or flooding,
>one lesson I recently learned - YOU CAN'T STORE GASOLINE!
>Well, you *can*, but today's alcohol-based RFG gas goes bad after
>only 60 days!  You absolutely *MUST* treat your stored gas with fuel
>stabilizer!  When you use old gas in your generator, at a minimum
>you'll completely fowl the engine with cruddy deposits, and risk serious
>damage.  My brand new generator failed after 15 hrs, when disassembled
>the inside looked like it had been tarred and feathered, and the connecting
>rod was bent, as well as the valves stuck partially open from exhaust crud.

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