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Hi Ray...


What type of oil were you using in the "New" genny, when it failed?

I've run petrol(Gas) genny engines on "old" fuel (up to 18month old
unledded) here on many an ocasion.  Starting is dificult it has to be
said, and you can't get near full power when you do get it going, and
though I've had to strip and clean carb's after, I've never yet seen an
engine fail as you describe, if the lubrication is OK...

As you say it was a "New" machine, I wonder if it still had engine
preserving oil or "Running In" oil in the sump, rather than the "good"

I tend to use either 10W40 Diesel engine oil, or full spec "performance"
motor cycle oil in my machines (a very old E300, an almost as old E1500,
and a newer E2000, all Honda's)

The common factor is that the oils are "Fully Detergent", ie they keep
any particulate deposits in suspension, so they don't settle and block
the oilways.  The smaller engines (the 300 and 1500 in particular) are
only splash lube'd, so are more prone to clogging.  The 2000 uses a
forced lube system.

In fact, when I got the 300, it had terrible deposits in the sump, but
knowing the guy I got it from, he probably never even replaced the stuff
in the 5 years that he had it.  He gave it to me as it wouldnt start,
the exhaust valve was stuck open!  He used it just about every weekend
"hiltopping" on microwaves, running it on siphoned fuel from his company
car!  So, at least the fuel was fresh...

Your description of bent con-rod and stuck valves certainly speak of
something strange.  Did it run overheated I wonder, as that can bake the
oil to the point of failure too..


Still Curious...

	Dave B.  G0WBX.

PS: Will be away from the email now for the rest of the day, got to go
on to a customers site and try and fix something they just broke...  It
never ends.....

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